Which PHP functions are disabled on your WordPress platform?

Which PHP functions are disabled on your WordPress platform?

Our WordPress platform has been specifically designed to offer the best security, performance and reliability for WordPress.

As a result, we have specifically tuned firewall rules and layers of protection to help keep WordPress sites secure. As part of this protection, a small number of PHP functions have been disabled, as we've found that they're often used for malicious purposes. 

The following functions are disabled for security reasons:

  • exec
  • opcache_get_configuration
  • opcache_get_status
  • passthru
  • parse_ini_file
  • popen
  • proc_open
  • shell_exec
  • show_source
  • system

In our experience, it's highly unlikely any of your plugins rely on any of the functions above. However, if you have a genuine use case for any of these functions, you can still host your WordPress site on our Linux platform.

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