How do I login to webmail?

How do I login to webmail?

You can log in to webmail by going to our webmail URL here: Webmail

Or you can log in through your control panel.

  1. Head to Manage Hosting.
  2. Select the package you want to access webmail for.
  3. Select the Webmail icon.
  4. You can then login to webmail using single-sign-on

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      Yes, you can import a contact list from a previous mail client into VISYOO webmail. To do so:  Log in to Webmail for the mailbox. Head to the Address Book. Select the Import icon from the top-left. You can then select either a .CSV file or a vCard ...
    • How do I create an email signature in webmail?

      To create an HTML or plain text email signature that will be appended to all emails: Select Settings In the left column, select Identities In the next column along to the right, click on the email address for which you want you to create or edit a ...
    • Why do I get “Mailbox does not exist” bounceback from a brand new mailbox?

      Getting a 'mailbox does not exist' message can be frustrating, we know. You just need to give it half an hour. Mailbox password changes, webmail access and sending/receiving email via a mail client are all available as soon as your mailbox has been ...
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      There are various methods of connecting to mailboxes on our platform. We always recommend IMAP as that helps keep messages in sync between various devices and our webmail system. This is our recommended configuration for Thunderbird mail clients. ...
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