How do I configure G Suite (formerly Google Apps)?

How do I configure G Suite (formerly Google Apps)?

Our control panel allows automatic configuration of DNS Records to configure your domain name for G Suite (Google Apps). This can be done HERE.

  • First, select 'Manage hosting', choose the hosting package you wish configure and select 'Manage'. 
  • Once on the DNS Management page, you will see two links towards the top of the page, one labelled 'G Suite' the other 'Gmail'. The configuration you should use depends on the services you want from Google. If you're using Google just for mail under your own domain name (MX records) use the 'Gmail' link. For all the other G Suite applications, including records for Docs, Chat, Calendar, and services like Hangouts, use the 'G Suite' option.

The control panel will show you the records that will be automatically added as a result of this change, allowing you to save them.

Please bear in mind that DNS changes can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate worldwide. 

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